Dube TradePort gets gold for its landscaping programme

19 June 2015

Dube TradePort’s landscaping has been recognised nationally by the South African Landscaping Institute (SALI), as Dube TradePort extended the use of indigenous and water wise plants in creating a rich and dynamic ecosystem that has been brought to life through its lush manicured lawns that surround the King Shaka International Airport and the Dube TradePort precinct.

SALI Awards


Dube TradePort has been awarded top honours in the categories of:

- Landscape and Turf Maintenance: Gold Award
- Environmental Landscape Work: Gold Award
- Water Wise Landscaping: Silver Award

Dube TradePort’s landscaping teams have been working towards achieving this goal since 2011; they have embarked on a program to transform the flora landscape to reflect a uniquely African aesthetic that would compliment the ecology of the region.

Mr Bonga Mthembu, Dube TradePort’s Landscape & Rehabilitation Officer said, “From the onset we had our sight on a SALI gold award. These awards are an endorsement from the landscaping profession of Dube TradePort through Leitch Landscapes for the work they have done on site. This is an indication that on a national scale our work is up there with the very best.”

This recognition from the South African landscaping Institute represents Dube TradePort’s sustained commitment to actively ensure that it is environmentally sustainable throughout all its operations.

Mr Hamish Erskine, Acting CEO of Dube TradePort went on to add, “As the world is facing significant environmental sustainability challenges and an ever increasing demand on our water resources, this recognition is significant as it clearly illustrates our commitment to being environmentally sustainable. Dube TradePort will continue to monitor and measure its water demand as part of its overarching goal of being a responsible developer.”

Mr Mthembu continued, “Achieving these results have taken a lot of time and effort, as we had to introduce specific horticultural elements and practices on site such as mulching and the introduction of plants with minimal water requirements such as aloes and the like. We are particularly encouraged that our water conservation efforts have been recognised as we achieved silver for Water Wise Landscaping and we aim for gold in future and possibly the Shield of Excellence, which is the most prestigious award one can achieve.”
To date the water used for landscaping purposes around the Dube TradePort precinct is sourced from rain water harvesting, which is treated and then stored in capture ponds around the site.