Dube Cargo Terminal

08 September 2010

The most secure and state-of-the-art Cargo Terminal in Southern Africa boosts global trade
3 May 2010


The Cargo Terminal at Dube TradePort, incorporating King Shaka International Airport, is the first in the world to have only one air handler for international cargo - leading world cargo handling company, WFS (Worldwide Flight Services). Access controls, scanning systems and the terminal’s physical layout all add to the high security levels.


It has direct air-side access, resulting in the rapid export and import of time-sensitive products. Capable of handling 100 000 tonnes of cargo per annum, the Cargo Terminal has the capacity to expand over the next 60 years to handle 2 million tonnes per annum.


The terminal is semi-automated and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. It also boasts a fully automated Elevating Transfer Vehicle (ETV) system. Designed and manufactured in Germany, it is undisputedly at the forefront of modern-day cargo-handling technology. It is operationally friendly and all about ease of flow. Large bulk is handled mechanically, while goods on the courier side are dispatched via an express system.


With storage space for 202 aircraft unit loading devices (ULD), of which 48 are temperature-controlled, this system is well thought-out and designed to provide, and keep up, with storage capability demands well into the future.


The terminal’s SARS friendly layout, coupled with the best X-ray system in the world, ensures supreme efficiency. Incoming products are X-rayed in real time and images are downloaded and sent immediately to Customs. Customs officials may then give an immediate instruction to release or retain products. No-one else in South Africa is able to offer this benefit. In theory, using this system, Customs could release a container within five minutes.


Moreover, loose freight is in no danger of getting lost, thanks largely to the accurate track and trace capabilities for loose freight handled through the building. This system is driven by the Cargo Inventory Control system that was developed by the same German company. All-round barcode scanning on moving and stationary equipment will maintain an accurate record of freight movements throughout the building.


WFS SA will also be implementing Cargo Spot to manage their freight business in South Africa. This is an intricate and sophisticated cargo management system, and is tried and tested throughout Europe and the rest of the world. It is also the primary communication tool to connect with airline and regulatory agent systems.


Another major advantage of Dube TradePort’s Cargo Terminal is that all the major government agencies are resident within the terminal - SARS, Customs, National Health, the Department of Agriculture, the South African Police Service, etc. This also contributes towards the terminal’s unique efficiency.


Freight Forwarders and Shippers

Some 400 metres from the Cargo Terminal is the TradeHouse, a double-storey warehouse with offices above it. All the freight forwarders and shippers are housed here. This marks another world first!


An elevated transfer system takes products from the warehouse to the Cargo Terminal, where they are X-rayed and placed in storage. For maximum security, a barcode system is used throughout.

Part of the Cargo Terminal is refrigerated at various temperature levels, making up The Cold Chain facility for perishables and providing for a totally integrated perishables supply chain. This is ideal for the AgriZone, where flowers, fruit and vegetables are grown just a few hundred metres away.