Dube Cargo Terminal assists with logistics for Cyclone Idai relief

01 April 2019

Dube Cargo Terminal has been efficient in providing logistical support to the UN World Food Programme, in its mission to deliver 2 000 tonnes of food aid and supplies to Mozambique following the devastation of cyclone Idai.  


Over the weekend the US military successfully airlifted food aid on seven flights that took place over Saturday and Sunday.  (There are two additional flights that will be taking place today.)  


Using a C-130 Hercules, military aircraft with a carrying capacity of around 20 tonnes per flight, the plan is to move 105 tonnes of supplies from Durban’s King Shaka International Airport over three days,  

the logistics needs which entail  preparing and loading cargo are being met by dedicated staff and ground equipment from Dube Cargo Terminal.