Update on Dube TradePort

20 September 2017

The pace of investment and development within Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone continues to accelerate. To date, R1.5 billion in investment has been secured for phase 1 of Dube TradePort. As the second quarter of our year nears completion, we would like to take this opportunity to share some updates on our latest developments and services offered:



With Dube TradeZone 1 is fully let and operational, bringing the next phase, Dube TradeZone 2, on stream, will certainly open up further attractive investment opportunities within the precinct.

Dube TradePort has received a positive Environmental Record of Decision (RoD) from the Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) for the rest of Dube TradeZone 2. This approval has paved the way for bulk earthworks to commence later this year, with completion in 2019.

Dube TradeZone 2 is 43 hectares in size, roughly double the size of Dube TradeZone 1, with approximately 23 sites ranging in size from 3 000m2 to 57 000m2.

We have welcomed thirteen new tenants into Dube TradeZone 1 and Dube TradeHouse over the last year, these include:

Yangtze Optics Africa is a Chinese optical fibre and accessory manufacturing company, the largest R&D, fibre cable and equipment manufacturer in the optical communications industry worldwide. Their facility is set to boost local manufacturing of a range of new-generation optical fibre cable products for the South African ICT market, with an envisaged manufacturing capacity of more than one million kilometres of optical fibre cable annually. Yangtze Optics Africa will play a significant role in enabling South Africa’s development of a sustainable broadband future. This is especially important given the increased demand as cellular operators migrate to 4G and LTE.

Airline catering company Air Chefs relocated from Dube TradeHouse, which was their home for a number of years, into their own specialised catering facility in Dube TradeZone.

Admin offices and workshop in order to provide facilities and engineering maintenance services, contracted to Dube TradePort Corporation.

The Gift of the Givers Foundation is the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the African continent. Dube TradePort is proud to be the home to their warehouse facility.

HBM-SA Health has been offering solutions to the healthcare sector for over two decades. Their state-of-the-art facility will produce 700 000 condoms per day for the local and export markets. Included in their production line will be the government’s newly branded Max condoms, which have replaced the Choice brand.

We were very pleased to have had the official opening of iDube Cold Storage this month (August 2017). This new specialist state-of-the-art facility will cater to the growing demand for chilled and frozen perishables storage within the region.

Lil Rich Transport offer airfreight and logistics solutions.

Millhouse offers services related to nutrition in vitamins, mineral premixes and blends for the food industry.

Sozo Logistics offer airfreight and logistics solutions.

Swissport offer ground services on behalf of client companies in the aviation and airfreight logistics sectors.

TEQAL manufacture plastic injection moulding, mould making, and engineering CNC.

TNI are involved in import and export.

Ziyenzeka has contracted for administration and storage facilities for alien clearing with Dube TradePort Corporation.


Dube TradePort will be launching a One Stop Shop (OSS) facility to assist with information dissemination and to facilitate the incentives and application processes of the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone.

The OSS has been developed to provide a supportive environment for businesses operating, and planning to operate, in Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone, and will serve as a single point of contact for companies, acting as their interface with various government agencies and departments.  This facility will be based on the ground floor of 29° South, Dube City (where Dube TradePort Corporation’s head office is located) and will be operational from October 2017.

The Dube TradePort OSS will facilitate and assist with the following:

• Dube TradePort Investor application processes:
        - Special Economic Zone application process;
        - Design and Review Panel process;
• Municipal Building Plan approval processes;
• Special Economic Zone tax incentive application processes, including dti applicable incentives;
• Customs Controlled Area (CCA) application processes;
• VISA, work permit and other related migration processes; and
• Investor after-care services.


The Dube iConnect team have undertaken a number of exciting projects in the last year.  Due to the increased uptake of services, we have upgraded our Data Centre Storage. This has allowed us to cater for alternate storage options for less critical environments. In addition to this, Dube iConnect have also implemented a new backup solution, which provides a cost-effective platform for cloud-based backup.

Our Cloud Management Solution has been implemented and is being rolled out to clients. In our continued bid to provide world-class service, we have introduced direct peering to NAPAfrica, which provides a single peering point that interconnects with other networks and ISPs.


Several projects have been initiated in the last 18 months to improve efficiencies and reduce operational costs within Dube AgriZone. These include a power factor correction project and changes in wastewater management, following an agreement with Airports Company South Africa (ACSA) on the standards for use of the Southern Wastewater Treatment Works for disposal of Dube AgriZone wastewater.

Besides these projects, Dube AgriZone brought an additional 225kWp Solar Photovoltaic plant on line in the past financial year / last year. The total energy generated by renewable resources is currently just below 1MWp.

DUBE CITY: Block D Double Basement

The construction of Dube City’s Block D property development is in its first phase, which is the construction of the double basement parking structure. The double basement itself will accommodate 573 cars, and has been designed to support top structures of approximately 36 000m2. Further structures are in the planning phase, including a 21 500m2 office and administration block, as well as a 190-bed hotel.