South Africa remains ready and open for business despite challenges

19 April 2017

Extract from Africa News

Video: Road to World Economic Forum Africa

"South Africa, a multi-faceted country, long heralded as the gateway to Africa. With a population of over 55 million people, the country is Africa’s most developed economy. Sound policies over the years have positioned South Africa as a key player in the global economic landscape making it the only African country in the G20 group of nations. But, recent headwinds in the world economy have slowed growth in the country, prompting South Africa’s government to tap into new frontiers for growth.

...In addition to its financial sector, South Africa’s government is breathing new life to other key economic pillars such as infrastructure development and manufacturing. Of particular interest is the Dube TradePort, a multi-million dollar hub spanning over 3,000 hectares, located in the port city of Durban. The industrial hub is considered one of South Africa’s top investment opportunities and is geared to springboard foreign and local investment. The CEO, Hamish Erskine, is betting on the project. “Dube TradePort is an economic development project of government but in essence what we are is a special economic zone and we have a very strong focus in manufacturing and logistics for both the South African but also for Africa and the export market as well.”

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