Dube TradePort's Cosmopolitan Business Environment

14 April 2016

Dube TradeZone Plan

As South Africa’s premier airport city, Dube TradePort is a prime location for businesses that benefit from proximity to King Shaka International Airport.

Some of these, such as freight forwarders and manufacturers, benefit directly from access to the airport and to Dube Cargo Terminal; others, such as those in the hospitality industry, derive their benefit from the ease of access for international travellers.

The real estate available at Dube TradePort falls into two categories (excluding specialist agricultural areas):

Dube City is purpose-designed for office, retail, hospitality, and leisure. Dube City is just three minutes from the airport, and offers fully-serviced facilities as well as full connectivity with Dube iConnect. Dube TradePort Corporation is currently developing a double-storey underground parking structure adjacent to their head office, 29° South, to support a three-phase office, hotel and commercial development, as well as an additional multi-storey parkade.

Dube TradeZone, by contrast, is designed for light manufacturing, assembly, and warehousing. As part of the Dube TradePort Industrial Development Zone, certain businesses in Dube TradeZone are eligible for fiscal, tax, and customs benefits. These benefits are geared towards promoting business growth, revenue generation, job creation, and the attraction of both foreign and local investment into the province.

Dube TradePort’s unique offering is part of a global trend towards mixed-use developments, where different types of business are brought together by a common need – in this case, proximity to King Shaka International Airport. It’s the future of development, and Dube TradePort is leading the way.

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