Dube TradePort Corporation celebrates it’s ABET Class of 2014

23 July 2015

Dube TradePort Corporation is based on the premise that basic education is important to the country’s current and future prosperity, development and growth, which is why we have introduced the ABET programme to our staff. The success of our ABET Class of 2014 shows fertility in the harvest of seeds we have sown.

The ABET programme was established to achieve a general conceptual foundation towards lifelong learning and development, comprising of knowledge and skills required for social and economic participation. The intention is to provide all our employees with learning and skills development through access to nationally recognised certificates that will allow them to contribute to the organisations development.

In 2010, DTPC was concerned that some of their employees levels of basic literacy and numeracy were not at a level that was not commensurate to the standards that were conducive to their long-term progress within the organization as some of them were at a level where unable to sign their signatures, resorting to using their fingerprints. Dube TradePort Corporation approached eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality to assist with establishing an ABET Centre for AgriZone employees. In 2011 eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality jointly with the Department of Education established and funded an ABET Centre at AgriZone with 22 employees.  Six employees were enrolled for Level 1, seven employees for Level 2 and nine employees for Level 3.

In June 2013, significant progress was noted as three employees on the programme passed Level 4, which is the highest qualification for ABET. In 2014, some of these employees reported to have registered with FET Colleges to pursue Diploma studies in Human Resource Management and Public Management.

In November 2014, 10 employees wrote their Level 4 examination, and 6 of these employees passed and completed the ABET programme.

We are proud of the achievements by our ABET class of 2014. The introduction of the ABET programme to our staff has proved to be a success and the pass rate narrates this positive story.

In 2015, we have 16 employees that have registered on the programme, eight employees for Level 4, three employees for Level 3 and five employees for Level 2.

We would like to congratulate our “Dube TradePort Corporation ABET Class of 2014” on their achievement. We are proud of you:

1.    Haricharan Rajiv (Cargo Terminal) - passed with 4 distinctions

2.    Mabunda Andries (AgriZone)

3.    Masaka Nomalungisa (AgriZone)

4.    Mpungose Sakhile (Cargo Terminal)

5.    Mvuyana Thuthukani (AgriZone)

6.    Naidoo Leevandran (Cargo Terminal)