Marketed to Win!

04 June 2015

Dube TradePort has been recognised for its holistic approach to delivering on its mandate, of driving economic development in KwaZulu-Natal. Dube TradePort has managed to take the top honours for the second year in a row, picking up a gold medal and the prestigious Tree of Life Award for their exhibition showcasing Dube AgriZone and Dube TradePort’s CSI programme at the Royal Show, which is taking place in Pietermaritzburg this week.

Described by the Mercury, “Dube TradePort glittered at the Pietermaritzburg Royal Show awards ceremony held at the showgrounds. With high points all round from the panel of judges…”

“Exhibiting at the Royal Show has proved to be a fantastic opportunity to profile our Dube AgriZone business but moreover its been an incredible opportunity to showcase Dube TradePort’s empowering CSI initiatives. Our flagship CSI programme assists small subsistence female farmers to find sustainable markets for their produce. This is done through farmers’ markets hosted in Dube City, which we successfully incorporated in to our Royal Show stand this year.” - Said Hamish Erskine, Dube TradePort Corporation Acting CEO.

The plan is to further extend this programme to be included in Dube TradePort’s innovative Food-for-Recyclables programme, where Dube TradePort buys produce from small farmers and provides it to learners in local schools in exchange for recyclable materials which they collect in and around their neighbourhoods, keeping them clean.

Mr Erskine continued, “The aim of these projects are multifaceted. By providing fresh vegetables to students it helps to supplement the nutritional intake of our local communities. The prgoramme also nurtures a work ethic and provides a gainful extramural activity that gives young people the incentive to clean-up their communities, which have previously had waste management issues - especially those that live in informal settlements and low cost housing. The collected recyclables will then go towards contributiing to the various programmes that Dube TradePort has in place to offset its own carbon footprint.”

Dube TradePort is a major contributor to the economy of KwaZulu-Natal through the large infrustructure and industrial development programmes that have successully attracted multinational corporations - like Samsung and DB Schenker. In the the same breath Dube TradePort is commited to also catering for local farmers, small business owners, students and communities that make up our rich and diverse province.