Dube TradePort Receives Tricorona Carbon Offset Certificate

01 June 2012

Dube TradePort Corporation appointed Tricorona to measure and report on carbon footprint associated with the DTP/KSIA site for the period May 2010-May 2011. The audit and reporting was based on Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is the acceptable international standard for carbon calculating and reporting. A total of 181 668 tCO2e was measured. In order to remain carbon neutral and mitigate our total carbon emissions, DTP had to offset its emissions by buying credits from verified Kyoto Protocol Project (A Fuel Switch project by Corobrik Factory in Johannesburg) based in Africa.
Working with the world leading Gold Standard CDM carbon offset projects (Tricorona), Dube TradePort received its Carbon Offset Certificate for scope 1 and 2 emissions totaling 1432 tonnes. This provided DTP carbon neutral status for the period of COP 17.