Dube TradePort collaborates with Tricorona towards carbon neutrality

05 November 2011


The Dube TradePort is one of the most modern tradeport developments in Africa to date. The trade port comprises of the King Shaka International airport, an agrizone with climate controlled production facilities, a trade zone linked to a state of the art cargo terminal and Dube City a property development to serve aviation and local communities planned to be the first green precinct. The Dube TradePort as a company also has the philosophy to be a responsible developer and respond proactively to the challenges of climate change in all aspects of its business. To realize its vision Dube TradePort is working together with Swedish climate consultancy and offset company Tricorona Climate Partner.        

"In response to the challenges of climate change and as the host city of COP 17, we would like to accelerate our efforts of what we can do to lower our climate impact and develop a more sustainable business model in the aviation and tradeport business” says Rohan Persad, CEO of the Dube TradePort. “We want to be the leader in Africa, setting the benchmark of how carbon footprints can be managed to neutrality. In pursuit of this we are collaborating with Tricorona because of the company's broad experience in this field, its achievements in Sweden, the place of its headquarters which has set new benchmarks in the aviation sector when it comes to taking climate responsibility and effective management of carbon footprints."

The collaboration started before the COP17-meeting that will take place in the end of November, and during the meeting Dube TradePort will together with Tricorona arrange several events disclosing some of the airports activities from the climate strategy.

“We are extremely proud to work with Dube TradePort”, says Per Egstam, CEO Tricorona Climate Partner. “They have already come very far when it comes to environmental responsibility and now they are aiming even higher when it comes to climate responsibility. Dube TradePort aims to be the most climate responsible airport in Africa, which is a huge step to take.”