Dube TradePort moves into new head office

03 August 2011

3 August 2011

Dube: 29° South

Dube TradePort has moved to its new head quarters in the heart of Dube City, aptly named 29° South to stipulate its geographical positioning.


29° South boasts environmentally friendly features such as; technology that allows staff to work smarter and faster in a paperless environment, in turn lowering all paper and printing expenditures. There is a cyclist track for alternative transport and more glass panes to increase aesthetic appeal and allow for natural light into the space. The roof has a thin layer of naturally fertilised soil with grass and plants to absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen. The soil will also provide insulation and absorb rainwater that is not captured in the provided tanks.


The office is not officially classified as a “Green” building yet, however it is registered with the Green Building Council, to ultimately achieve its green-star rating.


29° South, the new home of Dube TradePort, is the first phase within the Dube City precinct.