AgriZone’s First Harvest!

13 May 2011

13 May 2011


Qutom Farms and Dube TradePort are pleased to announce the first AgriZone crop harvest.

A staggering 150 000 top-quality English Cucumbers have been picked, with nine weeks until harvest completion. Another important agricultural milestone is imminent – the first harvest of Mini Baby Plum tomatoes, Standard tomatoes and Italian Roma tomatoes at the AgriZone.

These crops dominate four hectares of glass house space, expanding by another four hectares shortly.

An advanced method of Hydroponic production is used in the glass houses, with crops grown using mineral nutrient solutions, in water, with coco peat as a soil replacement. The glass houses are controlled using a sophisticated system which acts as a master computer, setting and monitoring ventilation and temperature, while also measuring run-off and irrigating crops.

The glass houses are located in a controlled area, preventing exposure to damaging elements, including harsh weather, disease and insects. The produce is quality-tested for taste, colour, shape and size before leaving the pack-houses. Then produce is packed in strict accordance with client specifications and sent straight to customers, while urgent shipments destined for further afield go to cold storage units at the Cargo Terminal and are packed into refrigerated containers for transportation by air.

The AgriZone’s cold chain ensures produce fresh from the ground to the consumer.