KZN'S 50-Year Master Plan

King Shaka International Airport is one of KwaZulu-Natal’s great success stories. Within a few years of its opening for business, it was voted best airport under 5 million passengers in the world. Millions of people use the airport every year, passing through on their way to destinations all around the world.

But what many don’t know is that King Shaka International Airport has a partner, Dube TradePort, and that together the two are the focus of a 50-year master plan aimed at turning KwaZulu-Natal into an economic powerhouse.

Dube TradePort is a gigantic greenfield development purpose-built to facilitate airport-related business. And while King Shaka International Airport has been garnering an international reputation, Dube TradePort has been turning itself into one of South Africa’s top investment opportunities. The key is a combination of cutting-edge infrastructure with an emphasis on local economic development. Dube TradePort has several business zones, each focusing on a specific niche in the market, from agriculture to manufacturing to cargo handling to cloudbased data solutions.

Dube TradePort’s unique position – adjacent to the airport and close to the important seaports at Durban and Richards Bay – lets it offer investors a perfect blend of convenience and international reach.

It’s a winning formula. Not only does Dube TradePort have the backing of the provincial and national government, but it has also been given a coveted Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) designation.

With the support of local and international investors, government backing, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and a fully-formed development plan stretching to 2060, Dube TradePort is set to become the engine that drives KwaZulu-Natal’s economy.


Dube TradePort is named after Dr John Langalibalele Dube, a writer, educator, clergyman, civil rights leader, and political visionary, who founded the Ohlange Institute in 1900. His role in shaping South Africa continues to reveal itself as we strive towards achieving socio-economic transformation and equality. His statue holds pride of place at the heart of Dube City, a fitting tribute to a great man.


I "50 year master plan"


Isikhumulo sezindiza iKing Shaka International Airport ingenye yezindawo ezibonisa ukuthi isi-undazwe saKwaZulu-Natal siyathuthuka. Emuva kokuvulwa kwaso lesisikhumulo ngo2010, sakomeliswa ngendondo yokuba isikhumulo esihamba phambili emhlabeni esithutha abagibeli abangaphansi kwezigidi ezinhlanu ngonyaka. “Best Airport in World Handling under 5 Million Passengers 2015.”

Kodwa abantu abaningi abazi ukuthi iKing Shaka International Airport isebenzisana neDube TradePort, ukuletha intuthuko esiFundazweni sethu nge “50 year master plan” ehlose ukugqugquzela umnotho wethu.

Inhloso yeDube TradePort ukukhulisa umnotho wesiFundazwe saKwaZulu-Natal, ngokugqugquzela uhwebo phakathi kwamabhizinisi aseNingizimu Afrika kanye nawamanye amaZwe. Lokhu kubalulekile ngoba kukhandela abantu baKwaZulu-Natal amathuba emisebenzi- okuthuthukisa izimpilo zabo. iDube TradePort isebenze kanzima eminyakeni edlule ukuheha abantu nezinkampani zakuleli kanye nezaphesheya ezizotshala izimali kuleli.

IDube TradePort inamabhizinisi emikhakheni yezokulima, ukuthuthwa kwezimpahla, ukuvulwa kwemizila emisha yezindiza eziza eThekwini, ukugcinwa kolwazi kuma-computer kanye nokwakhiwa kwamahhovisi nezinye izindawo zokungcebeleka ezinjengezitolo eDube City.

IDube TradePort isondelene nesikhumulo sezindiza kanti futhi isondelene namachweba emikhumbi i-Durban Harbour yaseThekwini ne-Richards Bay Harbour yaseRichards Bay. Lokhu kunika osomabhizinisi kanye nabakhiqizi indlela elula yokufinyelela ezimakethe emhlabeni jikelele.

IDube TradePort isekelwa uHulumeni wesiFundazwe, yanikwa amandla okusiza ukuthuthukisa amabhizinisi anemikhiqizo edinga ukudayiswa emazweni aphesheya, ngokuwalekelela ngaphansi kohlelo lwe-Industrial Development Zone (IDZ).

IDube TradePort ibhekelele ukuthuthukiswa koMnotho walesiFundazwe, nokukhanda indawo eheha abatshali bezimali abazokwakha amafemu, neminye imikhiqizo ezokwakha amathuba emisebenzi.

Yini idz?

I-Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) uhlelo olubhekelela

ukulekelela amabhizinisi akhiqiza impahla ebhekelwe

ukudayiswa kwamanye amazwe. Loluhlelo lwenzelwe ukuthi lukhuthaze imikhakha eyahlukahlukene ezokhanda amathuba emisebenzi kanye namakhono abantu baseNingizimu Afrika. Enye inhloso yaloluhlelo ukudonsa abatshali bezimali ukuthi beze bazokwakha amafemu namanye amabhizinisi azovula amath


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Dube City

A next-generation business, retail and hospitality centre, located 3 minutes from King Shaka International Airport and 30 minutes from Durban’s CBD. Purpose-built to deliver a world-class cosmopolitan facility and transform the way business is conducted in the province. It contains offices, conference and entertainment facilities, with pedestrian-friendly tree-lined open spaces, all developed with environmental sustainability in mind.

Dube Agrizone

Africa’s first integrated perishables supply chain, hosting the continent’s largest climate-controlled growing area under glass totalling 16 hectares. The zone also hosts an on-site packing and distribution facility as well as Dube AgriLab, a state-of-the-art tissue culture laboratory and the only one of its kind in KZN.

Dube Cargo Terminal

Operating 24/7, Dube Cargo Terminal is one of the most secure and technologically advanced cargo operations in Africa, boasting in-house regulatory bodies and over 17 freight forwarders housed on-site within Dube TradeHouse. With the capacity to handle 100 000 tonnes of cargo annually as well as any aircraft flying today, this facility effectively provides an efficient and effective platform for access to global supply chains. By 2060, over 2 million tonnes of cargo will pass through the terminal annually.

Dube Tradezone

A specialised and fully-serviced 26-hectare industrial estate representing the Dube TradePort Industrial Development Zone, with R899 million private sector investment secured. The zone is ideal for new generation warehousing, manufacturing, logistics, and other airrelated national and international companies. With the completion of International Trade Avenue, investment potential of TradeZone 2 and 3 has been unlocked.

What is

Dube TradePort is South Africa’s first purpose-built airport city, and one of the country’s newly established Industrial Development Zones, designed with the express goal of moving your business forward. Dube TradePort is made up of four distinct businss zones:

  • Dube City, a business and hospitality estate;
  • Dube TradeZone, an industrial estate;
  • Dube Cargo Terminal, a state-of-the-art cargo handling facility; and
  • Dube AgriZone, a cutting-edge agricultural estate.

In addition, Dube iConnect, a support service within the Dube TradePort precinct, is KwaZulu-Natal’s premier provider of cloudbased data handling


Solar powered schools

Local schools are reaping the benefits of solar power installations worth over R1.5 million. The solar installations are part of an ongoing initiative by Dube TradePort to bring state-of-the-art technologies directly to local communities.

So far, five primary schools and three secondary schools have been fitted with the units, which can reduce each school’s electricity bill by up to 60%. As a result, the schools have more money to channel into other important avenues where there were once shortages. Over 5 000 learners have benefited thus far.

The solar installations use cutting-edge photovoltaic cells, which absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. Solar energy does not rely on burning fossil fuels, so it’s a lot better for the environment too!


Time hop


u2014 waba unyaka obalulekile eDube TradePort, yila kwethulwa khona ngokusemthethweni iDube TradePort Industrial Development Zone nguMengameli Jacob Zuma.



2015 has seen the official opening of the International Trade Avenue, a dual carriageway roadway through the Dube TradePort precinct. The road gives direct access to the Watson Highway, and alternative access to the N2, as well as opening up more land for industrial development within the precinct.

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A spectacular treat
for bird lovers

The Lake Victoria Wetland in Mt Moreland will once again become a bird-lover’s paradise this summer (November – April), as millions of European Barn Swallows gather to roost during their summer migration. Witness this sunset spectacle from the viewing site.

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Brand new flights
for Durban

Durban is now more connected to the rest of the world than ever before. That was the news from the 21st Annual World Routes conference, held in Durban in September, a first for Africa. More than 2 500 delegates attended from over 110 countries, to meet, plan, and discuss the future of global air travel.

The benefits for KwaZulu-Natal extended far beyond the prestige of playing host to such an important event. Several local and international airlines have shown a keen interest in expanding their operations to Durban’s own King Shaka International Airport, with three major airlines – Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, and Ethiopian Airlines – announcing new international routes direct to Durban.

There’s also good news for South Africans wanting to fly closer to home. Proflight Zambia announced a direct route between Durban and Lusaka, while two local carriers, Mango and FlySafair, are launching new daily flights to and from Lanseria and Cape Town respectively.

Turkish Airlines

Where: Durban to Istanbul
When: Starting 5 November 2015
Frequency: 4 times per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
Access: Connections to over 277 destinations worldwide

Ethiopian Airlines

Where: Durban to Addis Ababa
When: Starting 16 December 2015
Frequency: 3 times per week (Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday)
Access: Connections to over 90 destinations worldwide

Qatar Airlines

Where: Durban to Doha
When: Starting 17 December 2015
Frequency: 4 times per week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday)
Access: Connections to over 151 destinations worldwide



Government working for you

The KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (EDTEA) oversees KwaZulu-Natal’s socio-economic transformation.

The department is responsible for leading the policy and strategic initiatives that promote the growth and development of various sectors of the economy. The department works with its social partners, including the private sector, civil society, and public entities, to deliver transformation.

A number of public entities fall under EDTEA’s purview, including communications, business development, tourism and leisure, trade and manufacturing. In each edition of this insert we will focus on some of these entities, and show how they bring value to the lives of South Africans, every day.


Building Kwazulu-natal's future

Building KwaZulu-Natal's Future

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ) is going from strength to strength, creating investment and job opportunities.

Richards Bay is an important centre of industry in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa, and the RBIDZ is geared to maximise its potential. New opportunities are constantly arising in the oil and gas industry, the ship-building and service industry, the metalworking industry, and the agricultural processing industry, among others.

With an increased focus on renewable sources of energy, including solar panels and wind turbines, the RBIDZ is making life better for all South Africans.

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