Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is an area designed to drive the industrial development of South Africa by attracting both domestic and foreign direct investment.  It stimulates the manufacturing of value-added products and offers incentives as well as other support measures, creating an ideal business environment.

A Special Economic Zone status is highly prestigious, carrying with it a wide range of benefits for enterprises located within the zone. The designation, which supersedes the Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) status, was created by the South African Government to drive industrial development by attracting both domestic and foreign direct investment. Dube TradePort Corporation is an essential partner in fulfilling that mandate.

As South Africa’s fastest growing investment destination, Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone serves to enhance the country’s manufacturing capabilities and export promotion by providing lucrative incentives for eligible enterprises within the precinct, which are enhanced by the precinct’s unique location at the intersection of local, regional and global transport routes.

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone is geared towards promoting business growth, revenue generation, the export of value-added commodities, employment creation and the attraction of both foreign and local investment. These benefits include both fiscal and customs incentives, as well as access to integrated logistics facilities, that are supported by both the Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) and the South African Revenue Services (SARS).  Additionally, Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone’s One Stop Shop is able to help facilitate businesses to gain access to incentives.

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone’s key objective is to improve the competitiveness of KwaZulu-Natal’s manufacturing sector, allowing local businesses to increase value-added production while receiving the added benefits of synergies gained from clustering supply chain integration, creating a world-class operating environment for businesses.

Priority Sectors

Targeted priority sectors include:

  • Aerospace and aviation-linked manufacturing and related services;
  • Agriculture and agroprocessing, including horticulture, aquaculture, and floriculture;
  • Electronics manufacturing and assembly;
  • Medical and pharmaceutical production and distribution; and
  • Clothing and textiles.

Supplementary sectors include:

  • Freight-forwarding and aviation services;
  • Warehousing and storage;
  • Logistics and distribution;
  • Light manufacturing and assembly;
  • High-tech and automotive industries;
  • General manufacturing;
  • Renewable industry; and
  • Cold storage.

A Prime Investment Location

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone's strength as a leading South African investment destination is based on four founding pillars, namely its key location, infrastructure, service offering and Government backing:

  • Key Location: The Dube TradePort SEZ is located within a strong economic region, is close to major complementary transport and freight links and boasts world-class infrastructure – the ideal investor and business platform for the expansion of global business and trade opportunities;
  • Infrastructure: As a secure, purpose-planned airport city and master-planned business environment, infrastructure has been designed in line with freight-orientation and cargo and is supported by the new King Shaka International Airport, whose infrastructure allows for the accommodation of the world’s largest new generation aircraft;
  • Service Offering: Dube TradePort Corporation is an enabler of tactical investment and with its team of skilled experts drives the development of this competitive business environment, links both investors and developers to various regulatory bodies, thus assisting to facilitate the development process. Through its service commitment, Dube TradePort Corporation has developed a reputation as the developer who never walks away;
  • Government Backing: Dube TradePort enjoys solid Government support. It forms part of South Africa’s National Infrastructure Plan, as outlined in the Presidential Infrastructure Co-ordinating Commission under Strategic Infrastructure Programme 2. The precinct is also aligned to the National Development Plan. Fully-owned and funded by the Provincial Government of KwaZulu-Natal, Dube TradePort is a key priority Infrastructural Development Project for the Province of KwaZulu-Natal. The latter status carries with it responsibility for the development of an Integrated Aerotropolis Strategy, the development of a Provincially-driven airlift strategy and the implementation of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Growth and Development Strategy.

Benefits of Investing

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone offers the following Tax Incentives for qualifying entities:

  • VAT and Customs Relief;
  • Employment Tax Incentives;
  • Building Allowances; and
  • A reduced Corporate Income Tax rate.

Other benefits of investing in the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone include:

  • Customised solutions for investors (e.g. serviced sites and fit-for-purpose buildings);
  • Environmental assistance (where applicable);
  • Advanced infrastructure;
  • Marketing and other value-added services;
  • ICT service-based infrastructure, which allows for the connectivity of voice/data/internet and video services up to the tenant’s premises’ edge through Dube TradePort’s iConnect services;
  • Support with Safety, Health, Environment and Quality services;
  • Skills development-related incentives;
  • Export marketing (new market development);
  • Job creation (as national and provincial grants can be accessed concurrently);
  • Foreign investment (with compensations for the qualifying costs of moving new machinery and equipment (excluding vehicles) from abroad);
  • Investing/re-investing in productive assets; and
  • Black business development.

Top reasons to invest in the Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone are:

  • Global competitiveness through incentives;
  • Tailored facilities for value-added manufactured goods and tradable services;
  • Ease of doing business through One Stop Shop services;
  • Safe investment;
  • World-class infrastructure network (road, air and sea);
  • Quick availability of land customised to the needs of the investor; and
  • Special Customs Controlled Area (CCA).

For more information on investment opportunities within Dube TradePort, please enquire here: tradezone.dubetradeport.co.za/Pages/Contact-TradeZone.