Environmental Impact

The overriding responsibility of Dube TradePort Corporation is to spur global business and trade opportunities in the precinct surrounding King Shaka International Airport - but not at the expense of the environment.

The organisation has, from Dube TradePort's inception, recognised the need for environmental sustainability, a focus it continues to apply today. The extent of its commitment to cross-cutting environmental issues, such as ecology, water consumption, water quality, energy, GHG emissions, air quality, noise and waste, is demonstrated through the development of a long-term Environmental and Sustainability Strategy, using a lifecycle approach across the spectrum of Dube TradePort developments, inclusive of tenants.

This is aligned to the organisation's commitment to act as a compassionate and responsible corporate citizen, one in touch with the issues facing surrounding communities and one which demonstrates sensitivity to the impact that its business activities have on the environment.

The state of the environment within the Dube TradePort precinct is constantly monitored and regularly reported upon as a form of 'duty of care' for the environment. This is indicative of Dube TradePort Corporation's responsible approach, as master developer, to the future growth of the precinct.

Continued compliance with environmental legislation means that the organisation is cognisant of the fact that its role and mandate are not limited to economic and social development alone, but also includes environmental stewardship.