Durban is South Africa's premier domestic tourist destination, Africa's leading conferencing destination and is a city attracting increasing numbers of international leisure visitors. The KwaZulu-Natal coastal belt enjoys four peak seasons a year.

Dube TradePort Corporation offers stakeholders the opportunity to advertise on its four electronic billboards, strategically located on the road leading directly to and from King Shaka International Airport, where they may be seen by more than 1 million passengers every month.

This is an inexpensive, though most effective advertising tool achieving maximum impact close to points of convergence with high traffic flows. The Light Emitting Diode (LED) billboards allow you to break through the clutter, achieving vehicular and pedestrian exposure 24-hours a day.

Engage with Dube TradePort Corporation today and reach your audience using a technology which is revolutionising the billboard industry, exploiting a hugely dynamic and engaging advertising medium. 

Site Specifications:

  • Location
    • Dube TradePort, La Mercy, KwaZulu-Natal
    • GPS co-ordinates: -29° South 37' 19.48", +31° 5' 57.13"
  • Traffic Destination:
    • Two electronic billboards facing traffic travelling towards King Shaka International Airport
    • Two electronic billboard facing traffic travelling away from King Shaka International Airport
  • Traffic Count
    • 16 000+ vehicles per day
  • Visibility
    • ±400 metres on the driver's left side
  • Type of Billboard
    • Four free-standing electronic light emitting diode (LED) billboards, all featuring advertising simultaneously
  • Size
    • 4 992mm x 3 840mm actual surface area

Value for Money:

  • Each advert is flighted for four seconds, once every 60 seconds. This equates to 1 440 flightings of your advert every 24-hour day, or 43 200 times a month, on four different electronic billboards simultaneously
  • The electronic billboards operate on a 24/7 basis
  • Creative changes are quick and inexpensive, with no manual labour involved. All that is required is for artwork to be sent for immediate upload to the billboards

Electronic billboards are at the forefront of revolutionising the entire billboard industry in South Africa. 

Electronic billboard locations