AgriZone iConnect City TradeZone CargoTerminal AiRoad
iConnect City AgriZone TradeZone CargoTerminal AiRoad

Welcome to Dube TradePort... business and trade gateway to Africa and the world 

Dube TradePort is a world-class airport-related development and is considered one of South Africa's most important new age infrastructural developments.

The facility, located on a 2 840 hectare Greenfield site 30km north of the strategically important coastal city of Durban in KwaZulu-Natal on South Africa's eastern seaboard, serves as a catalyst for economic development and sustainable employment creation.  

Dube TradePort, a master-planned passenger and air-freight logistics hub and home to King Shaka International Airport, is stimulating transit-orientated development and rapidly providing the means for global business and trade through the provision of a platform for the integration of supply chains, the acceleration of efficiencies and the offer of agility to business, enabling greatly enhanced global competitiveness.    

Dube TradePort Corporation, the organisation tasked with developing KwaZulu-Natal's single biggest infrastructural project, is an enabler of strategic investment. It sets out to promote international connectivity, enhancing the competitive position of KwaZulu-Natal's economy in the global supply chain, creating Southern Africa's premier air logistics platform.

One Goal: To Move Your Business Forward.

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Cargo industry braves a shrink in volumes

As the airfreight industry flocks to Johannesburg for the 2014 leg of the Cargo Show, the leading idea exchange conference for the African cargo owning community, delegates are eager to find innovative solutions for transporting their cargo in an industry that is experiencing a shrink in volumes.

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Demand for Dube TradePort??s property offering proves that location is key

Dube TradeZone has recently progressed by ??leaps and bounds?? and is ahead of its planned milestones. With a lot more expected, the facility is now likely to achieve its intended outcomes far sooner than anticipated in the Master Plan.

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